Take the time to appreciate, perceive, and keep it moving. I promise, the real shit in life aren’t tangible things. It’s not the things we look at but rather what we see in them. Lay low, take the steps at your own pace and work for you and yours. Trust me, nobody invests in dreams and everybody knows you when you reach a remarkable goal, at least to the eyes of society. Be aware of the bigger picture. Take responsibility for your actions. Appreciate those who help you during your journey in any form or way and take care of your garden, mind. The grass is always greener where you water it and be aware of snakes. They’re good at playing roles, deception, and crawling on the floor. My mind relaxes and my heart warms when I write these words, they don’t have a reason and make me feel connected to a higher power; I see them as self talk. For the ones working to be their best selves, creating, setting an example and making this a better place, I appreciate you. -Elvis Guerrero