Be aware of your greatness. As creators of our own realities, be aware that movement and chaos change the world but the stillness inside of us determine the quality of that change. Be aware of focus! Whatever we pour our energy and thoughts into and whatever we focus on will create our physical reality. Be aware of silence! Silence holds truth plus real moves, love and intentions are made in silence; people somehow destroy things without even having the intention to. Be aware of the fight! Strength, determination, and persistence is necessary to achieve what you set your mind to. Even though some things fall apart and some are thrown out the window, always stand up and fight. Never fight for your control over people, appearances, or proving your self-worth. Be aware of illusion! The illusion of power, time, and lust. Illusions are the most effective method anybody can have to control us. Be aware of action and reaction! Whatever we choose to do can never be erased and actions will always speak for themselves. Every action has a positive or negative reaction and our reaction in any given situation will determine the outcome of it.  Last and most important, Be aware of gratitude, love, and peace of mind! These are our weapons and will always keep us sane no matter how crazy and chaotic the world gets. -Elvis Guerrero