Elvis Guerrero is a contemporary artist and creative director who resides and works in Miami, FL. Raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Guerrero’s work attempts to express the individual and universal essence of human perception. Capturing in his pieces a certain transition or evolution from the darkness of the human experience to the light and stillness of consciousness. All of this visual storytelling is embodied in a unique style greatly influenced by the energy of both, strong Latin-American roots and the cultural diversity of the city of Miami. Currently, one of Miami’s most vibrant and promising talents; determined to make his artwork, vision, and message cross boundaries.

Artist Statement

“Some relate art to the physical and psychological effects of a certain piece. Other people relate it to the aesthetics and composition of it. Art is everything around us and everything within us. Art is the most egoistic yet benevolent form of expression. Art has the power to change the world. If you are chosen, art will do it by itself and then it will keep on doing it until you die or it dies in you. There is no other way and never was. In my opinion, art goes way far from simply a painting, photo, sculpture, poem or melody and more towards the spark of fire in the soul when an intimate piece-viewer encounter happens. The subject of my work is life; that means thoughts of perception, exploration of ideas, consciousness, experiences, diversity of emotions, and personal beliefs based on my life. I believe in creative freedom despite the medium. The mediums I am currently exploring are painting, photography, and film; I believe there are still infinite possibilities of exploration and evolution in these mediums. Besides expressing personal perspectives on my constant exploration of this dream we call life, art is my medium to project the message that we are all limitless and powerful beyond measure. We simply have to remember it, ask the universe, put in the work, and the rest is not for us to control.” – Elvis Guerrero

For general inquiries please e-mail: contact@elvisguerrero.com